About Us

Smell Good Candles stands as a quaint, family-operated business rooted in the charming town of Fruitland, Iowa. Even our company name, a product of our granddaughter's creativity, embodies the warmth and personal touch that characterizes our venture. Crafting candles and wax melts is not merely a business for us—it's a source of pride.

Our sought-after creations have been a highlight at local craft fairs and farmer's markets, prompting us to extend our reach beyond the community borders. Operating from the heart of the USA, we exclusively utilize 100% soy wax sourced from American soybean farmers, steering clear of petroleum-based paraffin wax. While soy wax may come at a slightly higher cost, the exceptional quality it imparts is our non-negotiable standard.

Ensuring perfection in every aspect, our products undergo rigorous testing for optimal burn, maximum cold and hot throw, and, above all, safety. Our workshop has become a hub of activity, drawing in friends, family, neighbors, and customers eager to witness our meticulous process and bask in the heavenly aromas that fill the air.

While I confess to being a less-than-proficient photographer, our focus lies in the essence of our creations rather than their visual representation. Variations in color among items of the same kind stem from our commitment to crafting in small batches. This deliberate choice allows us to devote more attention to infusing each item with an incredible fragrance. The colors serve a purely aesthetic purpose, as the true magic happens when the wax is melted or the candles are burned—subtly altering the hues while preserving the mesmerizing scent.

For those in search of the most serene and captivating fragrances imaginable, take a leap with Smell Good Candles. Your senses are in for an unforgettable treat, and satisfaction is our guarantee.